It Was at the Bottom of my Coffee Cup, That I Found Myself Again

That is the motive in life sometimes, isn’t it? To make sure the things that mattered to you aren’t forgotten, to make sure you aren’t forgotten. The only way to do that is to make yourself and all you care about known to others, to share it, so that others might feel the way you once did. Because we weren’t meant to be alone, in body or in soul. Why would any of it really matter anyway? If we were to experience it on our own, in the confines of our own mind?

So, I want to share the contents of this blog, with anyone who might stumble upon it, I want to share my experience so that it is felt to its fullest extent, felt so much so that it will never be forgotten. Because most of it was wonderful, but some of it was soul-shakingly painful. And what’s the point of feeling so much, if it was felt by only you?


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