My heart is heavy, and the world seems a bit darker because, today, we laid our Pappy to rest. The whole day has seemed unreal, as if this was someone else’s life playing out in front of me, as if this wasn’t my Pappy that had passed away, as if he was going to sit … More Pappy

I’m So Sorry

It might be true, or it might be automatic, but moms of special needs kids hear a lot of apologies. To be a mom to a special needs baby is a double-edged sword, in one hand, you have a life where everyone treats you like you’re normal. They look at you just like they look at … More I’m So Sorry

Snapshot Memories

It comes back to me in snapshots. Things that I’ve tried to tuck away into the recesses of my mind. Somewhere my nightmares can’t find them, somewhere the demons can’t reach them to put them on display behind the lids of my eyes every time I try to close them. I try to keep busy. … More Snapshot Memories

All My Life

Going through the diagnosis stage of Max’s life was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I have to admit I almost lost my faith on multiple occasions. But, it’s in those moments, that define who you really are, and show you the person you’re capable of being. People tell me stories all the time … More All My Life


You’d think it would get easier. Watching the blood flow from your baby’s body. But in truth, it never does. You’d think you’d get used to it. Watching the nurse, technician, phlebotomist, whoever, digging around underneath your baby’s skin, everyone in the room holding their breath, praying for blood to flow. But you don’t. You … More Blood


It’s true, there are people in your life that come in, and change you forever. It’s true, even if those people don’t stay there for long. Our NICU Amy was an angel in disguise. When I met her, I didn’t know how much of an impact she would have on me. I thought she would … More NICU Amy